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Protect One Self

Equip. Examine. Empower. Educate. 

Our world is ever-changing, unpredictable and dangerous at times.  This presentation will give you the tools to navigate through your daily life safely and confidently.  It will bring awareness in how to Protect One Self (POS) in everyday situations and decide on a course of action.



In the wilderness, danger lurks in many forms.  Glen spent 24 years working with the National Park Service, 20 of those years as a law enforcement park ranger.  His responsibilities included protecting park visitors, park staff, natural and cultural resources, wildlife and himself from unexpected dangers. 


Prior to his career with the National Park Service, Glen served in the United States Navy for 9 years.  He served onboard three naval ships and a naval air squadron.  Once his military career was completed, Glen sought out a new opportunity with the National Park Service and worked in many national parks across the country.

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What Can You Expect? 

Take a hike with me and let’s chat about increased awareness in your daily life. 

In this presentation, I hope to... 


Equip you to make awareness a priority in your thought process


Examine how complacency and distraction can create incredible danger in your daily life 


Empower you to choose an appropriate course of action by assessing and reassessing threats  

Educate you on the dangers of social media


Reinforced with the tools to navigate safely through your daily life


Realigned in your way of thinking in regards to situational awareness


Reassured in how to act confidently in uncertain or unpredictable situations 


Reengaged in protecting you and your family against imminent threats

After this presentation, you will be...   


Learn More

Self Defense Training

There are dangers lurking in every part of society.  Our mindset dictates how we react to those dangers. The most important thing is to return home safely to your loved ones.  It is Priority One!  If someone is hindering you from getting home safely, awaken your inner WOLF:


I was a Defensive/Control Tactics Instructor for 22 years.  

Let me give you tools and techniques to get you home safely.

Warrior Overcomer Limitless Fighter

What You Will Learn...

How to place yourself in positions of advantage

How to use barriers to protect yourself

Tactical breathing (allowing your breath to permeate your whole body)

Situational awareness

How to identify your personal weapons

How to strike - hand, elbow, knee, kick


Control tactics from the ground (ground defense)

How to escape - grabs and holds

Effective communication


 Wherever danger exists,   awareness can overcome it. 

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